Simple Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees: An Easy Guide

Simple Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees: An Easy Guide

The cornerstone of any Indian woman's outfit is a stunning soft silk sarees. Even though sarees are one of the oldest types of apparel, they never go out of style. Sarees continue to be a no-brainer for any event, from lavish weddings to exquisite fancy parties, from routine work to casual get-togethers.

Pairing it with the ideal blouse is one way to incorporate these five yards of beauty into your usual rotation of clothes. Selecting simple work blouse designs for pattu sarees that best suit your body shape is the first step in finding the ideal one. Your wedding outfit might be significantly altered by the style of your blouse. If paired with an appropriate and well-fitting blouse, even the most extravagant and expensive designer saree might seem entirely out of place. Because of this, your job doesn't finish when you buy your saree and take care of the payments. It keeps going until you've matched it with an equally stunning blouse that is expertly fitted to your figure. After all, wearing a poorly fitting blouse to your wedding is the last thing you want to worry about. Therefore, pay attention to the blouse's style and choose something that fits your body type.

Listed below are a few simple pointers you should keep in mind before choosing the right blouse design for your pattu saree.

  • The Shape and Fit

In essence, the blouse is a form-fitting piece of clothing. With the exception of a few faddish fashions, most blouses are designed to suit the wearer's chest area. As a result, it is crucial that the blouse's "fit" and "cut" are flawless. Too-loose blouses will seem dowdy, while too-tight ones will not only make you uncomfortable but also look awkward. The collar length, sleeve form, bodice size, and midriff fit should all be considered in this aspect. For the same reason, the majority of individuals get their blouses tailored. Give precise measurements if you are paying for bespoke tailoring; otherwise, your blouse will not fit well, detracting from the beauty of your sari.

  • Not All Trends Are Trendy!

Here, the fundamental rule of "Not following trends blindly" is applicable. There are several innovative and modern blouse styles that are popular right now. To choose an unique blouse style, use the same rules you would while selecting a Western dress or an extremely stylish Salwar Kameez. Make sure that in your attempt to appear fashionable, you don't come off as awkward, disorganized, obnoxious, or confused. Or to rephrase do not choose a blouse design just because it is trendy!

  • Comfort Should Be Number One Priority

Always give comfort greater weight. Comfort is key! Your confidence will increase as your level of comfort increases. This is particularly true if you want to wear your saree (and blouse) for extended durations, as you would during your wedding. If your blouse is lovely but uncomfortably so, the ensuing lack of grace will ruin your appearance. Pulling at your blouse all the time will not make you seem good. Therefore, comfort should always come first!

  • Body Type

While it is the era of body positivity, certain blouse designs will help to accentuate and amplify the beauty and form of specific body types. Thus choosing a blouse that caters to your body type can be a game changer for your entire look.  Confirm that the blouse style you have picked will look good on your body type before purchasing it. Simply put, if your arms are toned, wear a sleeveless blouse. The same holds true for other bodily facets. Though a certain design may not be "appropriate" for your particular form, it's possible that you feel comfortable wearing it. In such case, feel free to go forward.

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