Our collections adorn smart, dynamic professionals across different sectors who are ready to seize everyopportunity, embrace each challenge and emerge successful. What sets us apart is the wide range of choices in customizability, meticulous weaving skills, time tested quality and a keen attention to detail from selecting the weave to handcrafting the design to print to production. The collections appeal to both traditional purists and fashion aware trendsetters.

At the core of our services is customization. We believe that every customer is a connoisseur, and deserves exclusivity. When it comes to attire, a ‘one size-fits all’ approach does not work. To us the joy of dressing is an art. Whether it is Silks, Cotton, Linen, Polyester or Fusion fabrics, we  empower you to customise your uniforms to fit your specific corporate needs, without compromising on style, quality or durability.

Please call our customer care and we will take care of your oder.

Deepam has the largest weaving and printing units for premium apparel including corporate attire in the nation.

Our weaving facilities are located in Bengaluru, Varanasi, Jaipur and Kanchipuram. While this gives us access to some of the best artisanal talent in the apparel industry,it also ensures that our customers can benefit from access to a steady and seamlessly integrated supply chain.