How to wear Rajputi Saree 10 different ways

10 Stunning Ways to Accessorize Your Rajputi Saree

The Rajputi saree isn't just a piece of cloth; it's a portal to a bygone era of grandeur and an expression of how to wear Rajputi Saree naturally. Its rich heritage and exquisite elegance whisper tales of a glorious past, while its vibrant colors and intricate designs paint a vivid picture of Rajasthani culture. Embracing the Rajputi saree in its natural grace allows you to connect deeply with its historical roots, celebrating the timeless beauty and intricate craftsmanship that define this iconic attire.

But even the most stunning saree needs the perfect finishing touch to truly shine. In this blog, we'll unveil ten captivating ways to accessorize your Rajputi saree, transforming you from a mere observer of history into a regal embodiment of it. Each accessory is carefully chosen to complement the natural elegance of the Rajputi saree, ensuring that you wear it not just as a garment but as a testament to a rich cultural heritage.

How to wear Rajputi Saree 10 different ways for modern look

1. Traditional Rajasthani Jewelry

Nothing complements a Rajputi saree, especially a silk saree with exquisite embroidery work, better than traditional Rajasthani jewelry. The intricate designs of Kundan necklaces, Meenakari earrings, and Polki bangles not only enhance the saree's ornate beauty but also elevate its royal elegance. The delicate embroidery on the silk fabric paired with these jewelry pieces creates a harmonious blend of texture and shine. A Rani Haar (long necklace) or a choker can be the perfect match for deep necklines of Rajputi blouses, accentuating the craftsmanship of both the saree and the accessories.


2. Borla - The Quintessential Rajasthani Maang Tikka

The Borla, a spherical maang tikka, is a hallmark of Rajasthani tradition. Worn on the forehead, it brings attention to the face and adds a royal aura that perfectly matches the elegance of a Rajputi saree. Choose a Borla that complements the saree's color and embroidery for a cohesive look.

3. Rajputi Bangles and Armlets

Adorning your arms with traditional Rajputi bangles and armlets can significantly enhance your outfit's charm. These accessories, often crafted in gold or silver and studded with precious stones, add a royal touch and a hint of sparkle that perfectly complements the saree's fabric.

4. Odhni - The Essential Rajputi Veil

An Odhni is an essential accessory for the Rajputi saree, serving both as a veil and a style statement. Typically, it is worn over the head and draped over the shoulders, adding layers of elegance and grace to the saree. Choose an Odhni with contrasting colors and detailed work to make your attire stand out.

5. Waist Belts or Kamarband

A waist belt or Kamarband not only helps keep the saree in place but also accentuates the waistline, adding a sleek and structured look to the ensemble. Opt for a traditional Rajasthani belt embellished with stones or pearls to add a touch of sophistication to your saree.

6. Traditional Footwear

Pairing your Rajputi saree with traditional Rajasthani footwear like Juttis or Mojaris completes the look. These handcrafted shoes, often embellished with embroidery and sequins, add a royal and authentic touch while ensuring comfort.

7. Potli Bags

A Potli bag, intricately designed and matching the saree, is not just a fashionable accessory but also a practical one for carrying essentials. Opt for a Potli with Rajasthani embroidery or mirror work to complement your saree perfectly.

8. Nath - The Nose Ring

A Nath, or a nose ring, is a bold accessory that adds a traditional touch to the Rajputi saree ensemble. Whether you choose a simple ring or a more elaborate design, a Nath can significantly enhance your overall look, adding a hint of mystique and tradition.

9. Hair Accessories

Accessorize your hairdo with traditional Rajasthani hair accessories like Gajra (a garland of flowers), hairpins, or a Jadau hair clip to add a touch of elegance to your look. These accessories not only beautify your hairstyle but also complement the traditional vibe of the Rajputi saree.

10. Antique Hand Mirrors

While not a wearable accessory, carrying an antique hand mirror can uniquely complement your Rajputi saree. These mirrors, often encased in ornate frames, reflect the grandeur of Rajasthani art and culture and can be a conversation starter at any event.

Styling Tips:

  • When accessorizing your Rajputi saree or printed pure silk sarees, balance is key. Choose pieces that complement each other without overwhelming your look.
  • Consider the occasion. Opt for more elaborate accessories for formal events and simpler ones for casual gatherings.
  • Pay attention to colors. Coordinate your accessories with your saree's color palette to create a harmonious look.

3 Must-Have Rajputi Saree For Your Wardrobe 

Bandhini Sarees: A Testament to Timeless Tie-Dye

Bandhini sarees are celebrated for their intricate tie-dye technique, known as 'Bandhej'. Craftsmen meticulously tie tiny portions of the fabric and dye them, creating mesmerizing patterns and color gradients. The result is a vibrant, textured saree that seems to dance with colors. Bandhini sarees, often in bright hues like red, yellow, and green, are perfect for festivals and weddings, adding a splash of joy to any occasion. 

Lehariya Sarees: The Waves of Elegance

Lehariya sarees derive their name from the Rajasthani word for "wave." This style features diagonal stripes that mimic the flow of water, achieved through a resist-dyeing technique similar to Bandhini but with a distinct ripple effect. Lehariya sarees, typically in bright, contrasting colors, symbolize joy and good fortune. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for the hot Rajasthani summers, offering both comfort and style.

Kota Doria Sarees: The Grace of Lightness

Kota Doria sarees, alongside pure Banarasi georgette sarees, are celebrated for their distinctive lightweight, sheer textures. Woven with a unique blend of cotton and silk, Kota Doria sarees originate from Kota, Rajasthan, and are characterized by their square-like patterns, known as 'khat'. Similarly, the rich texture and vibrant designs of Banarasi georgette sarees add to the variety of choices for those who appreciate the beauty of Indian textiles. The airy fabric of both types, combined with elegant simplicity, makes them favorites for daily wear and formal occasions alike. The sheer elegance of these sarees, whether the geometric precision of Kota Doria or the intricate allure of Banarasi georgette, is enhanced when adorned with minimal jewelry, showcasing the wearer's sophistication.


The Rajputi saree is not just an attire; it's a canvas waiting to be adorned with the right accessories, ready to transform your look into a reflection of Rajasthani royalty and culture. This World Saree Day, celebrate with an exquisite Rajputi saree, choosing accessories that elevate its traditional beauty. Remember, the secret to a stunning ensemble lies in the details. So, as you celebrate this special day dedicated to the elegance and diversity of sarees, let your choice of Rajputi saree and its complementary accessories be a testament to your impeccable taste and cultural heritage. Embrace the spirit of World Saree Day with a Rajputi saree that not only honors tradition but also showcases your unique style.