5 Tips For Nailing The South Indian Saree Look For Your Wedding

5 Tips For Nailing The South Indian Saree Look For Your Wedding

Choosing a South Indian aesthetic for your big day not only brings attention to your elegant and refined personality but also helps you seem celestial and exquisite. Beautiful traditional sarees from South India are often paired with delicate makeup and dramatic lips, as well as heavy gold jewelry. The sarees also have vivid hues and excellent patterns that depict various themes, such as peacocks, temples, foliage, etc. However, if you choose to go for a South Indian saree look for your wedding, you might be concerned about how you'll handle everything. Well, we have got you covered. On your special day, do something a bit different by highlighting your charm with the aid of the following tips which will not only help you in organizing your look but also make you appear gorgeous in your south Indian saree look for the wedding. 

Silk Sarees with Heavy Blouse Design

On your wedding day, consider choosing a traditional, simple Kanjivaram and a lavishly embroidered blouse. This will enable you to strike a balance between the saree's simplicity and the decorated blouse's extravagance. Your appearance on your special day will be stunning thanks to the harmony of your outfit!


Your comfort and confidence will increase by selecting an appropriate saree fabric. The crown gem of Indian bridal dress, according to a popular saying, are handloom sarees like those made in Kancheepuram. Even if they are pricey, natural textiles like silk and cotton are among the greatest investments and will also make you feel royal on your big day and to ace the south Indian saree look for your wedding.


Your entire appearance depends on the drape of a saree. You must pick a drape that accentuates your best features. Before you begin to drape the saree, don't forget to knot it right above your navel. The pleats are the first thing to get right while draping your saree. They must be neat and equal. The final and most important question is how your pallu will fall over your shoulder. Make crisp pleats and pin them to your blouse if you are shorter. Alternatively, you may let it hang loosely over your shoulder.


Your outfit's blouse has the ability to either enhance or ruin your traditional saree appearance. Not only is doing it correctly crucial but it can't be compromised. You must ensure that your blouse's neck, back, and sleeves are all flawless and that its color blends well with the hue of your saree. Dark and light color combinations work exceptionally well together, such as green and yellow, yellow and red, and blue and pink. 

Pallu Position

Your height must be taken into consideration while choosing a pallu drape style. Your saree's essence would be stolen by a pallu that is too short or high. The pallu length must be sufficient. Divas are less disturbed by their hanging pallus, but their weight might cause a fall—both literally and figuratively. It's also not a good idea to contrast the pallu style. Additionally, the pallu of your saree should never completely enclose the blouse.

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