Banarasi Silk Saree Designs You Should Invest In!

Banarasi Silk Saree Designs You Should Invest In!

Banarasi sarees are a refined variant of silk originating in the ancient city of Varanasi. There isn't a Bengali wedding without the classic red banarasi silk saree. At the same time, it is readily available in various prints and fabrics ranging from banarasi georgette, katan and uppada silks. . Brocade is a weave in which patterns are created using zari. Earlier the purest form used to be drawn out of actual gold! These days it is available in both gold and silver. Here are a few variations of banarasi silk saree designs that will inspire you for your next silk saree purchase. 

Cutwork saree

Banarasi cut work sarees are a weaving technique in which the motifs on the sarees are woven together. This requires much less time, and once the weaving process is completed, silk thread can be seen at the back, revealing the tedious process which goes behind the weave.

Tanchoi banarasi silk saree

Tanchoi sarees have intricate designs in multi-color interwoven in a satin weave. The unique part about this type of saree is its smooth texture. One can see how silk has been used in warp and weft with typical patterns of flowers, birds in flight and parrot motifs.

Jangla banarasi silk saree

They are woven in colorful threads. Jangla derives its name from the jungle vegetation motif that spreads throughout the saree. Meenakari work is also used to decorate these works to add richness to the design. 

Half and half banarasi silk saree 

These sarees have different designs at pallu and one towards the lower portion. These create unique styles and can be easily flaunted on various occasions.

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