Create a Timeless Look with Deepam Silks Banarasi Saree Style

Banarasi Silk Saree

If you are looking for a timeless, elegant look that will stand out on any occasion, then the Deepam Silks collection of Pure Banarasi Khaddi Georgette Saree are perfect for you. This Banarasi saree style is one of the oldest and most popular styles in India, having been worn and admired by generations of women. Let’s take a closer look at why this saree is so special and how to style it. 

The Unique Design of the Banarasi Saree 

The most distinct aspect of this saree is its design. It features intricate patterns of gold, silver, and other colors woven into the fabric to create beautiful designs inspired by nature. These designs can cover the entire length of the saree or just certain portions- it all depends on your preference. Each design is unique and no two pieces are alike! This makes it easy to find a style that fits your personal taste and style.  

The many varieties

A key aspect before styling is to choose a variety that suits your body posture and skin tone. There are a variety of different Banarasi silk sarees available, such as Banarasi Katan Silk, Banarasi Brocade, Banarasi Georgette, Banarasi Organza and Banarasi Tussar Silk. Each style uses intricate weaves with different designs to create unique looks. For instance, a pure Banarasi Georgette saree weave has earned a reputation for being able to blend the beauty of motifs with shimmery zari all over the saree, along with intricate border designs while the Banarasi Brocade weave adds more vibrancy to your outfit with a mix of Banarsi silk & zari patterns enhanced by dull-gold threadwork.  

Styling a Banarasi saree for a timeless look

To give your Banarasi silk saree a timeless style, keep the draping simple yet sleek with clean lines that emphasize the beautiful motifs of the fabric. Opt for deeper shades of red, maroon, mustard yellow, or gold. The beautiful pallu will serve as the perfect accessory whether it’s draped over your casual kurta or accessorized with a statement set of jewelry. If you plan to wear it to a formal occasion, pair it with subtle jewelry that won’t take away from its presence. Alternatively, if you want to give it a fun twist then teaming it up with bright bangles or statement jewelry is sure to bring together an eye-catching look.

Deepam Silks - Your Destination for Everything Banarasi and more

Deepam Silks is the ultimate destination for Banarasi sarees of all styles. We have everything you'll need for a traditional-inspired look, whether you're looking for something semi-casual or luxurious. Banarasi sarees are sought after for special occasions such as weddings and parties, thanks to their intricate designs. 

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