Five Mysore Silk Saree Designs That Will Make You Look Gorgeous

Five Mysore Silk Saree Designs That Will Make You Look Gorgeous

Originating from Karnataka - the largest Mulberry Silk producer in India, Mysore Silk sarees with their vibrant colors, smooth texture and rich feel is pride to women from India. The reign of Tipu Sultan was pivotal for the development and global exposure of Mysore Silk sarees, and since then the growth has been unstoppable. 

Each saree is exclusively made with quality fiber - a mix of 100% fine silk and pure gold zari, that leaves a distinct mark ensuring authenticity. Traditional hues that go well with the sarees are red and green, however recent Mysore Silk saree designs of lilac, dark brown and gray are gaining popularity too. In 2005, the Mysore Silk sarees were awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) tag helping garner more awareness and furthering the authenticity factor. 

Different Mysore Silk saree designs:

The Classic Mysore Silk Saree

The pure Mysore silk saree is a timeless design that is perfect for any occasion. This saree features a traditional gold border and a pallu that is adorned with beautiful temple designs. The body of the saree is typically a solid color, such as red, green, or blue.

The Printed Mysore Silk Saree

The printed Mysore silk saree is a fun and festive option for those who want to make a bold statement. This saree features a vibrant print and an eye-catching peacock motif. The saree is also adorned with colorful zari work.

The Embroidered Mysore Silk Saree

The embroidered Mysore silk saree is a beautiful option for special occasions. This saree is made of pure silk and features intricate embroidery work on the border. The embroidered Mysore silk saree is available in a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, and black. 

The Handloom Mysore Silk Saree

The handloom Mysore silk saree is an authentic design that is created on a loom using traditional methods. These sarees are often handmade by skilled artisans and feature intricate designs that are unique to each piece.

Brocade Mysore silk Sarees 

Brocade Mysore silk sarees are traditional sarees handwoven with intricate designs and luxurious jari work – making them a timeless symbol of beauty and elegance. They are thin yet durable sarees and come in many bright colors, bold patterns, and traditional motifs. The Mysore silk itself is known to be both lightweight and breathable, thus making brocade Mysore silk sarees both comfortable and beautiful.

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