From Tradition To Trend: The Resurgence of Kanchi Cotton

Kanchi Cotton

Kanchi cotton originated from the Kanchipuram town of Tamil Nadu. This town is particularly famous for its silk sarees, but it also produces cotton textile that is of high quality and luster. This type of cotton is woven by skilled artisans who interlace warp and weft threads to create the signature motifs inspired by nature, temple architecture or geometric shapes.

Kanchi cotton has had a long history in India and is interlaced into the very culture of the country. It has however regained importance in today’s fashion arena due to a multiplicity of factors:


With growing awareness about sustainability and environmental accountability, more and more individuals are making the shift towards more eco-friendly products. Kanchi cotton fabric is woven with natural fibers that form high quality, long-staple yarn which makes it durable as well as lustrous. Sarees made from Kanchi cotton are exceptionally easy to drape as they are extremely light weight.

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Used by designers

Kanchi cotton has been increasingly used by designers not only in sarees but also to create outfits with modern silhouettes. The large range of colors and patterns available with this type of fabric makes it extremely versatile to use. Kanchi cotton may be used to create a variety of Indo-western fusion looks that will make you appear runway ready.

Kanchi cotton sarees are perfect for the summer bride as they are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time, irrespective of the weather. Brides looking for something that is a little grander may choose pure kanjivaram silk sarees for their nuptials.

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Kanchi cotton has long been a part of India’s culture and has been worn predominantly by women on special occasions. Its majestic appearance makes the person that dons the garment appear regal. It is no surprise that this fabric is making a comeback as it is a value addition to any wardrobe. Those that want something slightly heavier than a cotton saree can opt for a kanjivaram cotton silk saree or handloom cotton silk sarees

While choosing your perfect Kanchi cotton garment, remember to have as much fun as possible with the wide range of colors, patterns and prints available. Whether you choose a saree or a pant suit, the look is bound to be fabulous. While choosing sarees, Deepam silks’ large range of latest silk pure sarees is bound to have something for everybody. So, go find your new favorite closet essential at Deepam silks.