How to Identify Pure Silk Saree

How to Identify Pure Silk Saree

 Wearing a pure silk saree, usually a Kancheepuram saree is a dream of many South Asian brides. However, finding an authentic suited to your preference one can be a daunting task. Often, customers are unaware of the differences between a pure silk saree and the imitations that are widely available in the market. 'Own it to flaunt it!' Pure silk sarees such as a pure kanjeevaram silk saree and mysore silks exhibit intricate craftsmanship skills from months of hard work. Frequently we communicate with our customers the marvels about a pure silk saree. In this blog, we strive to do the same and keep our readers informed about how to recognise a pure silk saree as an imitation.If you're looking at pointers on How to identify pure silk sarees consider yourself lucky as we break them down for you.  Here are a few things to keep your eye out for the next time you invest in a pure silk saree - 

Burn Test: Artificial silk crumbles while burning and has the smell of burning plastic, while pure Silk stops burning once the fire is stopped

Bleach Test: While pure silk or Mulberry silk dissolves in 100% bleach, artificial Silk or polyester does not 

Warmth Test: A warm feeling comes when pure Silk is rubbed with fingers, while artificial Silk does not have that warm feeling.

Lustre Test: Pure Silk has a sheen that looks from different angles as light hits on it. While artificial Silk has a white shine despite the angle 

Weave Test: Pure Silk has a rough texture, representing the irregularity of the handwork, while artificial Silk, the entire fabric, has a uniform look throughout 

 Ring Test: Lightweight Pure silk sarees are highly flexible and smooth, thus quickly slipping out from the ring, while synthetic Silk will not pass the ring test. It is most likely to bunch up and get stuck in the ring. 

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