How To Pick The Perfect Saree For A Summer Wedding

How To Pick The Perfect Saree For A Summer Wedding

There are many reasons why summer weddings are wonderful, including the lovely weather and the possibility of an outdoor event. In terms of wedding sarees, summer weddings also offer up a whole new world for you. The summer has all the creativity a bride needs to discover her ideal wedding saree, unlike the winter when you might need to bundle up or avoid the rain. So how do you pick a summer wedding saree? As a bride, figuring out what to wear to a summer wedding can be difficult. You might find yourself attempting to understand a convoluted theme or scrambling to find affordable outfit options between the many sarees like silk sarees and pure kanjivaram silk saree to name but a few. Choosing a saree for a summer wedding can seem like an insurmountable chore when you take in the erratic weather that comes with the season. Not to fear, we've got you covered with this comprehensive advice on saree for summer wedding.

Tips To Pick The Perfect Saree For A Summer Wedding

When deciding saree for summer wedding, where do you even begin? The last thing you'd want to wear on a hot July afternoon is dark hues and luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet, which you may imagine are the norm for bridal clothing. Here are three criteria to consider while choosing a saree for summer wedding in order to avoid a fashion faux pas.

The Fabric

When deciding what to wear to a summer wedding, lightweight, breathable materials will be your savior, especially if the event is a high-end celebration in a warm—and possibly humid—climate. When selecting a saree for a summer wedding, consider the heat. Wear sarees with lighter fabrics that permit a little airflow. Beyond that, other components like patterns, distinctive colors, and design accents will also help to make your bridal saree suitable for summer.

The Hue

Famous designers consistently suggest choosing soft hues and airier style saree for summer wedding. There are gorgeous, summer-appropriate sarees and accessories that are likely to fit both your taste and your budget. Consider wearing a wedding saree cap in a soft color to add some glitz to the occasion. Green, pink, and even champagne hues are lovely substitutes for the traditional wedding saree. If you choose, you may even go further with something in a wonderful light blue color. Always use accessories to bring your own distinctive touch. Just make sure your necklace and earrings match as closely as possible to your saree for summer wedding if you decide to opt for a dazzling appearance. Choose a look you adore, and then carry that theme through your accessory selection.

Flowy And Breezy

Another smart styling advice for summer brides is to wear loose, airy clothing to your pre- and post-wedding rituals. You can get inspiration from outfits like donning maxi outfits for your Haldi, a breezy ruffled outfit for the puja, a cropped blouse and skirt/palazzos paired in flowy fabrics, or sarees with exquisite blouses. Choosing a comfortable saree for summer wedding should be the main priority, not necessarily clothing with a lot of layers of thick fabric.

Summer is a time of sunshine and happiness, but Indian summers, which are notorious for their intense heat and high temperatures, are not pleasant at all. Even if the ceremony is at night or indoors, getting married now isn't as comfortable as it might seem.  Particularly for brides. It's difficult to look put together while wearing all those clothes and having your jewelry, hair, and makeup in order. Not to mention the fact that you are melting under your bridal saree from the additional perspiration caused by those enormous lights. Well, if you're a summer bride who is worried about how you're going to make it through your wedding, these recommendations will undoubtedly be of assistance to you. Despite all the tips, if you are still unsure about your saree for summer weddings, Deepam is your savior. Be it bridal Kanjivaram silk sarees or soft silk party wear saree Deepam has got it all. Buy the latest silk sarees and more from Deepam now!

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