The Exotic World of Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree

Banarasi cotton silk saree

Banarasi cotton silk sarees are the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement of refinement while enjoying the comfort of cotton. They offer a timeless and 

classic look that suits women of all ages and occasions. Whether it's a family gathering, an office meeting, or a cultural event, a Banarasi cotton silk saree is a versatile choice that can easily transition from day to night.

The banarasi cotton silk saree, in particular, stands out as a symbol of grace and heritage. Crafted with precision and passion, these handloom cotton silk sarees are timeless pieces of art that exude both tradition and style. The elaborate weaving method used to create a banarasi cotton silk saree is what makes them unique. These sarees are typically handwoven on traditional Indian looms, a labor-intensive process that requires the skills and expertise of seasoned weavers. Embracing the Banarasi cotton silk saree signifies embracing tradition and supporting the heritage of skilled artisans.

Ways Of Draping A Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree

Nivi Style

 A classic and commonly worn drape, the Nivi style involves pleating the saree pallu and allowing it to fall over the shoulder. This style showcases the pallu's design beautifully.

Bengali Style

Also known as the "Seedha Pallu" style, it involves pleating the pallu at the waist and bringing it over the left shoulder. This style is distinctive and allows for showcasing intricate pallu designs.

Gujarati Style 

In this style, the pallu is draped from the back to the front over the right shoulder, and the loose end is tucked into the waist on the right side. It creates a graceful look and highlights the pallu design.

Lehenga Style

This drape involves pleating the saree in a lehenga-like fashion and then taking the pallu to cover the upper body, allowing the wrinkles to fall in the front. It's an elegant style that showcases the saree's fabric and design.

Butterfly Style

With this style, the pallu is pleated loosely and then pinned on one shoulder, resembling a butterfly's wings. It's a modern and stylish way to drape a saree.

Mumtaz Style

 Inspired by the iconic style of the actress Mumtaz, this drape involves numerous pleats and a higher pallu, showcasing the saree's border prominently.

To learn more about the diverse world of Indian weaving traditions read this interesting nugget by following this article which appeared on Hindustan Times.

Top 4 Banarasi Cotton Silk Sarees Of 2023

Black Cotton Silk Saree

Banarasi cotton silk saree

A black cotton Banarasi silk saree blends the luxurious texture of silk with the elegance of cotton. Its deep black hue showcases intricate golden or silver zari motifs, offering a timeless and versatile attire suitable for formal events or cultural celebrations. With its subtle sheen and traditional patterns, this saree effortlessly embodies sophistication and grace.

The main part of the saree might have detailed designs or traditional patterns made with shiny golden or silver threads, making it look fancy even though it's simple. The end piece might have fancy designs with shapes like paisleys, flowers, or geometric patterns, all made with great care and skill.

White Banarasi Crepe Silk Saree

Banarasi cotton silk saree

A white Banarasi crepe silk saree is a classy beauty. Made from smooth crepe silk, it's a pure white color, giving off a sense of purity and sophistication.Its main part often has pretty detailed designs woven with shiny gold or silver threads, making it look fancy against the white background. The end part might have beautiful patterns like flowers or traditional shapes, all made with a lot of care and skill.The crepe silk material makes the saree flow gracefully when worn. Because it's simple and white, you can wear it for different occasions be it formal gatherings or festive events.

Mustard Yellow Banarasi Crepe Silk Saree

Banarasi cotton silk saree

A mustard yellow Banarasi crepe silk saree is stunning! It's crafted from smooth silk and boasts this warm, deep yellow shade that's classy. The main part often features intricate designs made with shiny gold or silver threads, giving it a special touch. And the loose end might showcase lovely shapes like flowers or cool patterns, all created with great care. When you put it on, the silk feels light and moves gracefully. Because of its vibrant yellow color, it's great for parties or special occasions.

In short, this saree is all about gorgeous color and beautiful designs—a perfect pick for anyone who loves bold and stylish outfits!

Magenta Pure Banarasi Georgette Jaal Design Saree

Banarasi cotton silk saree

The magenta Pure Banarasi Georgette Jaal Design Saree is a head-turner! Crafted from Georgette fabric, it boasts a stunning deep pink hue. Its standout feature is the intricate 'Jaal' design that adorns the fabric like an exquisite mesh, showcasing meticulous motifs and shapes. Draping smoothly and feeling light, this saree is perfect for special occasions, blending vibrant color with detailed design for a chic and eye-catching look. Pure Banarasi Georgette sarees out because they come in many bright colors. Some are deep and rich, while others are lighter and softer, and they all shine because of the special Georgette fabric they're made from.

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