The Rich History of Kanjivaram Sarees

The Rich History of Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram sarees originated from the land of Southern India in Tamil Nadu. The woven craft evolved over a period of time, transcending into a drape that was meant for the royalty and aristocrats of the society. They have proven to be the hallmarks of elegance and beauty for Indian women. Our nature of worship, spirituality, and temple architecture are intricately linked to the acclaimed Kanjivaram sarees.

Weaving Technique of Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

The pure Kanjivaram silk sarees have been created through traditional handloom methodologies that have now culminated into machine-made textiles in some sections. These silk sarees are primarily spun from the 4-ply technique that makes the fabric remarkably sturdy in comparison to its other counterparts. The technique adapts a high-definition woven pattern as the yarn engages four piles that are twisted together. These painstakingly meticulous tasks demand the engagement and dexterity of two or more craftsmen


An interesting anecdote about the Kanjivaram’s lustrous sheen is the reverence of the holy Kaveri water. The traditional weaver societies are mostly located alongside the banks of the Kaveri river. The deep-rooted veneration is held to this day. It is believed that only the holy Kaveri water can add to the refulgence of the fabric. A scientific way of assessing this belief would be the fact that the natural PH value of the river reacts with the silk yarns. This in turn brings out the incandescent glow in the mystic craft.


The luminescent zari

Kanjivaram sarees are woven with dynamic designs and patterns in gold and silver zari. The elaborate styling entered mainstream design during the Mughal era. Marked with luxuriance ornamentation, these refulgent tinsel threads transform the fabric from something that is merely simple to breathtaking. They signify opulence and grandeur that is believed to be adorned by the Gods, according to several ancient scriptures.



The Kanjivaram silk sarees have a history that is woven with culture, heritage, and unparalleled dynamism. Their enchanting aura has been admired for ages. It is an art that communicates the language of grandiosity and refined sophistication.  In India, none of the bridal celebrations and ceremonious occasions is consummated without the lustrous sheen of Kanjivarams. Truly, Kanjivarams are a joy to own and thereby a proud possession.

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