Which Saree Is Best For A Wedding

Which Saree Is Best For A Wedding

Almost every state in India has its weave or style of saree. These variations are often found in the type of fabric they use, the pattern or the intricate handwork that goes into them. Indian weddings stand out for their diversity, special rituals and unique attires. In most cultures in India, the saree is essential to the bride's wedding wardrobe. It is true when people say, “Nothing makes women look more beautiful than a saree does” .

There are many choices available when it comes to choosing a silk saree. In this blog, we have selected for you the popular choices of silk saree brides love to use on their big day. Silk sarees are a popular choice for their craftsmanship and ancestral history. You might even recognize these popular choices. Read along to find out which saree is best for a wedding! 

Panetar Sarees

Panetar is the traditional wedding saree of the Gujarati community. It has a unique red-and-white color combination with gold detailing. The border has a deep red shade, while the body is off-white. Panetar sarees are popular with the Gujarati community, and women across India seek them for the garment's eternal appeal. 

Kanjivaram Sarees

Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree is a traditional wedding saree from the Kancheepuram region of Tamil Nadu. They are world-famous for their rich metallic gold and copper hues. They are known for their breathtaking and luxurious look, making them one of the most popular sarees worn by women worldwide. 

Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees are an indispensable part of North Indian weddings. Banarasi weaving can be found not only in sarees but also in lehengas and Kurtis. Banarasi sarees take a week to even months to make. Its regal appearance makes it a solid choice for every Indian bride. 

Paithani Sarees 

Paithani Saree is a traditional outfit for Marathi brides. The saree has been named after Paithan, a town in Aurangabad. These handloom silk sarees are known for their colorful and striking borders. The oblique square designs are the most prominent detail of these sarees. Paithani sarees represent Maharashtrian legacy and are considered an heirloom in their community. 

Garchola Sarees 

Garchola sarees are another commonly used wedding saree from Gujarat. Brides mostly wear a Garchola saree as a drape over their head, along with a Panetar Saree. Garchola is an essential part of a traditional Gujarati wedding. These lightweight sarees are mostly created in green and red.

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