Why are Light Silk Sarees the Perfect Fit for your Wardrobe this Season!

Why are Light Silk Sarees the Perfect Fit for your Wardrobe this Season!

We have always seen light silk sarees to be a popular choice amongst the young and older alike. Irrespective of the occasion, Indian Households always have an attire that is blended with light silk, Be it a saree, Lehenga, or Anarkali, Silk essentially forms an integral part of Indian women's wardrobe collection. Indian weddings are known to be lavish, grand and centered in tradition. Given the deep historical ties silk has with our culture it forms a quintessential part of every indian. wedding 

Indian brides are always on the hunt for something new and unique when it comes to their wedding. Given the progress in fashion trends  brides try to incorporate culture with modernity. Modern light silk sarees deserve a place in every Indian's wardrobe with the vogue of pastel aesthetics. With their stunning makeup and exquisite sarees these brides have always looked surreal and always making a statement no matter what. We  love how effortlessly these brides are styling their pastel sarees and making heads turn with their unique look. Be it a banarasi saree, pure kanjeevaram saree or even mysore silks; pastel and light shades in various ranges are available these days the spectrum is vast and there is always a new shade or combination that keeps us on our toes. We never thought that we would be drooling over these outfits for their offbeat colours. From such striking and eye-catching colours, these sarees are to die for and we are not getting over them anytime soon.

Recently brides have been styling their pastel sarees in offbeat colours and the simplicity that is to die for and we are not getting over this trend anytime soon. Light colour sarees are hues that are calming to the eye.They do not mean sticking to just neutrals; anything on the shade palette is good to go as long as it has a sense of gentleness. Pastel shades are easy to adorn on all complexions and hair and can be worn throughout the season as it's always a classic. 

The best sarees for one's taste are the ones that tap into one's personal style no matter how unique it is. We all love creative, edgy fashionable wears and are always on the lookout for eye-catching designs that can express avant-garde flare. If you're looking for inspiring swoon worthy elegant sarees then Pastel colour silk sarees are a great option! no matter what time of the year it is. A well draped pastel saree is always a classic aesthetic to rock. We absolutely love it how brides recently have also chosen to adorn light colour silk sarees for their big day and make a fashion statement that blends recent trends, Modernity, and our intrinsic culture. 

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