Why Deepam Silks Should Be Your Go-To For Kanjivaram South Indian Bridal Sarees

Why Deepam Silks Should Be Your Go-To For Kanjivaram South Indian Bridal Sarees

Kanjeevaram sarees have the timeless elegance that has fascinated every Indian woman, so much so that a bridal trousseau is incomplete without one. This versatile garment has the fluidity of fashion that is unmatched by any of its competitors. A bride’s trousseau is incomplete without an authentic handwoven Kanchipuram marvel.

Deepam is home to a myriad of stunning bridal collections woven by our masterweavers, whose expertise has evolved over the generations. We take pride in having the privileged patronage of our customers, some of them being global citizens. Our legacy spans over five decades and is a testament to the fact that the collections are a personal favorite of several families in south India and beyond.

Let’s delve into the grandeur of Deepam’s versatile bridal collection and learn about its intricacies in-depth. After all, learning the meaningful manifestations behind your wedding attire makes them all the more valuable to be cherished as an heirloom.

Weaving technique of Bridal Kanjeevaram silk sarees

Pure mulberry silk is used by master craftsmen in Kanchipuram to weave every one of these gorgeous silks. The silk strands are sourced from different parts of the country but primarily from the southern state of Karnataka.

The borders of this intriguing silk weave carry with it a very large self-zari brocade border which is created using the signature Korvai technique. The superlative Korvai technique that goes into hand weaving these marvels of Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal saree is such that the border and body of the saree are woven separately and then interlocked together. This is one of the many alluring features of this masterpiece.

An interesting fact to be noted here is that the yarns are first dipped in rice water and then sun-dried. Each pure Kanjivaram silk saree from Deepam has a unique expression created by the weaver artisan and carries an individual personality. These sarees are a timeless luxury, and with its sophistication and class, they are bound to enhance your festivities. 

Usage of motifs in Bridal Kanjeevaram silk sarees and their essence 

The motifs woven in the Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal saree have an unmatched historical legacy of their own. They not only represent tales that are symbolic of India’s mythological tales, but they also depict the fine dexterity of the master weavers who have practiced this craft for generations.

Some of the motifs that have magical connotations embedded within the bridal Kanjeevaram sarees are: 

Roses –

The romance of the roses is an evergreen love that flourishes across all seasons. Their rustic mystique has enamoured everybody for ages as they symbolize love, care, and purity. They give bridal kanjivaram silk sarees, or any sarees, a beautiful touch.

Tree of life –

A famous motif woven, painted and spun since times immemorial, is a harbinger of individual grace and beauty. With these patterns, pure Kanjivaram silk sarees achieve a new degree of elegance.

Leaves –

Leaf encased within one another is an artwork that can be achieved only by skilled craftsmanship. These motifs have generally been popular in several cultures, and they symbolize fertility and growth.

Kattam designs –

These are signature trademarks of traditional Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal saree which have been adorned through the ages. Wouldn’t it be a splendorous moment when you don a textile heritage that has been represented by traditional designs held so dearly in every woman’s heart?

Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal sarees are one the finest drapes you can dream of owning on your wedding day. Woven from the delicate, lustrous silk and gold zari, it is lent an appearance of opulence that is unmatched. These silk saree represent the glow of divinity with their magnificent and lustrous gold zari. The saree features several motifs that are meticulously created with zari, meenakari work, or a combination of both. Embody the joyful message of the designs with these one-of-a-kind dazzling drapes from Deepam on your special day, and bedazzle everybody with your divine glow.

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