Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Pure Kanjivaram Silk Sarees - the epitome of traditional elegance and timeless beauty! These sarees are a true masterpiece of Indian weaving, renowned for their rich and vibrant colors, intricate designs, and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Each Kanjivaram saree is a work of art, handcrafted by skilled weavers who have inherited the tradition from their ancestors. Made from the finest quality silk, these sarees have a lustrous sheen that reflects the light beautifully, making you the center of attention wherever you go.


The intricate designs on the saree are woven with precision, using techniques that have been passed down through generations. From traditional motifs to modern designs, Kanjivaram sarees offer a wide range of options to suit every taste and occasion.


Whether you are attending a wedding, a formal event, or just want to look your best, a Kanjivaram saree is the perfect choice. It exudes elegance, sophistication, and grace, making you feel like a queen.


For that extra special day, our collection of bridal Kanjivaram silk sarees is second to none - you can't find better!


Seen as an iconic representation of the wonderful heritage of India, Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are revered by a fan base that transcends generations! An evergreen favourite among saree connoisseurs, these exquisite weaves have become an integral part of all our festive and special moments.

It is believed that kanchipuram sarees are woven by the descendants of sage Markanda, who as per legend was the master silk artisan for gods.

Each Kanjivaram saree is a work of art, and blooms under the loving hands and soulful eyes of the traditional artisans of the temple town of Kanchipuram.

Captivating with vibrant colours, intricate motifs/brocade, lush texture and the luminous zari than can put even the brightest of the stars to shame, these weaves have evolved with time. From grandmas seeking a small border silk saree to modern divas seeking trendy pastels or silver zari, there is something for everyone!

The Weave

Kanchi pattu sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk. These weaves stand proof to the harmony of south - north fusion! Intrigued? This is for a simple reason that the mulberry silk comes from the South, while the gold - silver zari comes from Gujarat.

They are woven using 3 shuttles with 2 weaves working simultaneously on the right and left side. Typically the body, border and pallu are woven separately to bring out eye catching colour combinations. Then they are joined together with intricate precision using a technique called 'korvai'

The motifs that decorate the saree whisper tales about the artistic excellence and intricate workmanship of the master weavers. Peacocks, annapakshi, yellis, chakras and florals to the more complex vanasingaram jaal, each saree is a treasure trove of artistic excellence.

Identifying pure Kanchi Silk Sarees

They say imitation is the purest form of flattery. This stands true for pretend kanchis too! With more and more fakes in the market, let's see how to identify pure silk sarees.

The zari factor

The zari used in pure pattu sarees are made out of red silk thread twisted with fine silver zari and then dipped in 22 carat gold liquid.

Before you decide to purchase a pattu saree from an unknown trader, look for loose ends in the saree and pull the zari slightly. If the underlying silk thread is white or some other colour, you can be pretty sure that it is an imitation silk.


Pricing is the obvious indication about the pureness of silk sarees. Mulberry silk and gold coated silver zari are the raw materials for a pure Kanjivaram saree. They come at a premium price.

A Rs 5000 saree cannot be a pure silk saree. As artificial fibres are used, that saree can still look good and regal. But, if you are seeking a pure silk saree, always remember, quality comes at a price.

Silk Mark Label

The silk board of India awards Silk Mark label only for pure silk sarees from Kanchipuram. Always look for the label to be assured of the genuineness of the weave.

The Burn Test

If you still have doubts about the genuineness of the saree you have purchased, you can approach this zari test facility established by the government at Kanchipuram. They can confirm if the saree is original or not for a nominal fee.

If you are a DIY lover, pick a few threads from the warp and weft, and light a fire at the ends. Once the threads burn down, you will find the ash left behind smells like burning hair or burnt leather. If the saree is an imitation, the artificial fibres won't leave ash behind and the burn would be odourless.

Types of silk sarees

At Deepam, we have curated an exquisite collection of silk sarees that recites tales of opulence and sophistication!

Small border sarees

In vivid colour combinations, artistic motifs and subtle looks, these charmers with sleek borders are evergreen favourites!

Bridal Silks

Whispering tales of regalia, these magnificent sarees with intricate brocade zari work are all set to enhance the radiance of the bride.

Kanchi Tissue Sarees

Combining the lush elegance of silk with the spellbinding luminance of tissue, Kanchi tissue sarees enrich all special moments in life.

Kanchi jacquard sarees

In jacquard sarees, intricate designs are woven as an overlay directly on the fabric. It might be in the same colour or contrast colour. The overall effect sets these beauties truly a class apart.

Kanchipuram brocade sarees

In brocade sarees, the vibrant silk acts as a canvas to bring out rich patterns lovingly interlaced with lustrous zari. From classic vanasingaram to artistic floral vines, the closely woven brocade adds exquisite opulence to the weave.

Kattam sarees

Nothing spell traditional elegance like these checked silk sarees in a vivacious medley of colours. Artistic zari motifs enrich the sublime charm of these charmers.

Half and Half Saree

Chic and trendy half and half sarees let you combine 2 favourite hues or designs in one 6 yard dream! Partly pallu sarees are a beautiful variant. In this the main body of the saree and the pallu are in the same colour but different designs/patterns.

Silver zari sarees

Catering to contemporary tastes, silver zari sarees are ruling the roost now! No wonder as pastel silk sarees with silver zari exude an unmatched ethereal sheen.

Apart from these, you get a delightful collection of sarees with temple borders, skirt borders, large borders and korvai borders at Deepam!

Styling Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees exude a natural glow that makes them a perfect fit for all festive moments in life. There are few eye catching ways to style a silk saree to accentuate your enchantment. Choose a perfect pattu saree, add jewellery to match and enjoy a perfect diva moment!

If you are choosing a monotone saree, style the blouse in a contract shade to make a style statement!

If the saree has intricately woven artistry, keep the blouse plain and adorn minimalistic jewellery to avoid taking the attention away from the spellbinding charm of the weave.

For a plain saree, the blouse can be decorated with embroidery or sequin work to make the overall effect spectacular. Gold or diamond jewellery would complete the effect.

For an opulent saree, large jhumkas, gold choker and sleek bangles will accentuate the regalia. Jasmine clad hair will complete the traditional look.

Deepam - exclusive collections to brighten your special moments

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To us, saree selection is a pure art form. Our handpicked range of sarees from the Indian heartlands are sure to captivate your heart! From pure Kanchis to exquisite Banarasis, each weave is as unique as you are. Ethnic wear collections with fine detailing and vivid colour palettes are our specialty. We empower 2000 highly skilled weavers.

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