4 Quick Tips on How To Remove Oil Stain From Silk Saree?

4 Quick Tips on How To Remove Oil Stain From Silk Saree?

Silk sarees are a luxurious fabric. Its glossy finish and quality make it popular among women. Silk is a natural fabric and is easily prone to wear and tear. It is expensive and requires regular maintenance. Silk sarees cannot be washed like your everyday clothes. It requires attention to detail as it is made using delicate natural fibers. Read on to find out how to remove oil stains from a silk saree:

4 Methods to Remove Oil Stain From Silk Saree-

Use Talcum Powder

As soon as you realize the saree has been stained, put some talcum powder on it. The powder will absorb the grease from the silk's fibers. Dust the fiber off and wash the garment delicately in cold water.

Apply Liquid Soap 

Liquid soaps are a great oil remover for silk clothing. Liquid soaps are not as harsh as alkaline detergents. Mix 10 parts water and 1 part liquid dish soap. Pat this mixture on the saree using a sponge and leave it for 10-15mins. Now you can safely hand wash the silk saree in lukewarm water and rinse in cold water.

Apply Lemon Juice or White Vinegar 

Vinegar is a common alternative to detergent. Using Lemon juice or white vinegar helps remove stains from the saree. To create the mixture for cleaning, mix one part with vinegar or lemon juice and lukewarm water. Now using a sponge, gently dab this mixture on the saree. Once the stain slowly fades, gently wash the saree, as mentioned before. 

Use A Delicate Wash 

If your saree can be hand-washed, you can use a delicate wash. Fill a wash bin with cold water and add two drops of detergent. Dip the saree in it until the soap diffuses. Soak the saree for 30 mins until the suds (froth made from soap and water) are removed. Ensure to invest in a good quality delicate wash while following this method. 


Silk sarees are made from soft natural fibers. For instance, pure kanjivaram silk saree uses mulberry silk thread and tussar silk saree is made from silk thread obtained from Antheraea millita moth. These characteristics add to its distinct appeal. With a bit of care and attention, these timeless pieces are sure to pass through generations.

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