How to Store Silk Sarees

How to Store Silk Sarees

“With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown”

Chinese Proverb

The Spit of a Worm

If there’s a species that saree lovers should be delighted about, it's the Silkworm. 

Bombyx Mori Silkworm - a domesticated species that feeds on mulberry leaves is the primary producer of Silk, which is used as the raw material for Silk Sarees. The precious silk is made in a cocoonage (bamboo structure), where the worms start spinning their cocoons. It takes about eight days to weave the cocoon. The intricacy that comes along with silk is the reason why we’re dealing with peculiar ways on how to store silk sarees. 

Silk sarees are amongst the most versatile attires of aesthetic expression that hold a special place in Indian culture. An ever-present garb that complements the diverse Indian history. An attire that you can come across very often, yet never get enough of at every traditional Indian wedding. Besides the lustrous appeal that it carries, silk sarees suit every weather condition. Silk saree is a timeless piece of history that is passed over through generations for their intricate handloom make. While there’s so much to rejoice about Silk Sarees, it’s also important to know about how to store silk sarees. Let’s get into it. 

Tips on How to Store Silk Sarees:

Let it Breathe! 

Sarees need breathing space. Always keep ample space while storing sarees. Place them between cotton or muslin cloth so that the Zari doesn’t darken from Oxidation. It also helps with sarees not getting snagged. One can also use Saree bags that are available in the market.Air the Saree

Keep the saree airy by placing them under the fan or hanging them in mild sunlight. Do this once every 4-5 months. This helps in keeping the moisture away, which could lead to fungus formation and foul odor. The safest option though is to dry-clean. 

Naphthalene balls

Place some wrapped naphthalene balls in the wardrobe, as they ward off insects which could damage the saree. Remember to not keep them in direct contact with the saree, which could also discolor the zari. You can use silicon gel bags too. 

Folding Saree’s 

Always remember to open the sarees once in a while and fold them in opposite directions of the folds to prevent permanent fold scars from appearing. 

Hanging on hangers

Never hang your sarees on steel hangers as they rust and form an impression on the saree. If you have less space, use wooden hangers with plastic molding or just plastic hangers will do fine. Remember to never expose silk sarees to direct sunlight as they can ruin the fabric. 

For Odor 

One way to maintain odor is to use wardrobe fragrances. Another, more traditional way is to place dry neem leaves in your wardrobe.   

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