Your Ultimate Guide to What is Soft Silk Saree!

Your Ultimate Guide to What is Soft Silk Saree!

Silk, amongst the natural fiber produced by larvae, is a highly versatile fabric that is used to make multiple fabric variants. We cannot deny the importance of silk sarees in the fashion industry. The Saree has passed through generations and is a versatile garment that has become an inseparable part of south Asian women’s wardrobes. Reverting to what is soft silk saree? And why do millennials love them? 

Flowy soft silk sarees are made using fine silk and are the perfect substitute for pure kanjivaram silk saree, and millennials love adorning them! Pairing up a soft silk saree with a belt, or a statement blouse is the most popular way of styling this versatile garment among younger women. 

Five Reasons Why We Love Soft Silk Sarees!

  1. Modern soft silk sarees are produced using fine silk fiber and less zari to attain its smooth texture. The smooth surface that does not have any projected threads makes it convenient to use
  2. Since they are lightweight, they can be easily used for daily use. As opposed to the weight of pure silk sarees, soft silk sarees are easy to carry and are a popular choice for everyday wear that gives an elegant yet subtle look.
  3. Soft silk sarees are cost-effective and cheaper than pure silk sarees. Moreover, they are available in various prints and have a subtle lustrous look, allowing them to be used for ceremonial purposes. 
  4. They are cheaper than pure silk sarees, which do not mix with any other fabric during manufacturing. Since soft silk sarees are a mixed variant, it is much more comfortable to use as daily wear.
  5. Easy to store, wash and use. Soft silk sarees need not be stored separately or with a muslin cloth. With a bit of care, these sarees can stay in your wardrobe along with your other garments for a long time.

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