How to Wear a Silk Saree with Style and Grace

How to Wear a Silk Saree with Style and Grace

A silk saree is one of the most timeless and beautiful pieces of clothing in Indian culture. It's an elegant way to make a statement without saying a word. But how do you wear it? We've got the answers you need to look your best in this classic outfit. Read on for our tips on how to wear a silk saree! 

But before we get into it, it’s of essence to know that as diverse a nation as India is, so are its Saree collections. From Kanjivaram silk sarees and pure Mysore silk sarees to Ikat silk sarees and many more, they all come in their own distinct form and weave depending on the geographic area they originate from. What’s interesting about this is that each of these different sarees could have its own drape style and technique. So here is the conventional method to follow for wearing a saree. 

Choose Your Accessories Wisely 

When it comes to accessorizing with a silk saree, less is more. Go for gold or silver jewelry that compliments your outfit but doesn't overpower it. Traditional accessories like jhumkas (earrings), maang tikas (forehead jewelry), bangles, and necklaces can all help elevate your look. 

Tie the Pallu 

With your accessories chosen, it’s time to start draping your silk saree ! Begin by folding one end of the pallu (the long rectangular piece at one end of the saree) over your left shoulder, leaving enough fabric hanging down in front of you so that it reaches just below your waistline. Then take the other end of the pallu and wrap it around your waistline twice before tucking it into itself at the back. Be sure to pull it tight so that it stays in place. 

Drape Your Saree Properly

Next comes draping—the most important part of wearing a saree correctly! Take one end of your saree—it should be on top if you’re wearing a single-colored saree—and wrap it around your waist twice before tucking it into itself at the back. Then take the other end and wrap it around once before bringing it up over your shoulder and securing it with pins or safety clips if needed. Adjust as necessary until you get a comfortable fit that looks good from all angles. 

Pick the Right Blouse 

The right blouse can make or break an outfit, so choose wisely! It should be made of light fabrics like chiffon, cotton, or georgette so that it doesn't take away from the beauty of the saree. If you want something with more glamor, go for embellished or embroidered blouses that are sure to make heads turn! 

Wear Heels or Wedges 

When wearing a saree, avoid flat shoes at all costs! Instead, opt for heels or wedges which will give you height and make your legs look longer and leaner. This will also help balance out the bulky nature of the saree fabric and create an overall more polished look. 

Wearing a silk saree is an art form—if done right, it can look truly stunning! Follow these tips and tricks and you'll be sure to have heads turning wherever you go. With the right accessories, blouse, and shoes, you'll have no problem mastering this timeless style in no time at all! Good luck!

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