Jewelry as the final touch for your bridal look in saree

Bridal look in saree

While assembling a bridal look, brides-to-be are faced with several options when it comes to their outfits. Ranging from stunning lehengas to show-stopping Ghaghra Cholis, the options are myriad. Sarees have long been a part of India’s rich heritage and donning a saree on your wedding day not only pays homage to your roots but also makes you appear regal. 

An integral part of finishing the bridal look in saree is accessorizing it with the right jewelry. Whether a bride chooses to wear Printed Pure Silk Sarees or Modern Soft silk sarees, they must explore the various types of jewelry while finalizing their wedding look.

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An important thing to consider while making your checklist is to complete your bridal look in saree with elegant jewelry that compliments both you and your outfit.

  1. Temple Jewelry

A traditional symbol of divinity and opulence, temple jewelry features motifs such as goddesses, trees, leaves, coins, bells, and so on. With the large amounts of gold in these pieces, they are prone to appreciate in value. Invoke the blessings of the almighty with these beautiful pieces on your wedding day. Pair your beautiful temple jewelry pieces with Kanjeevaram Silk sarees to complete your bridal look in saree. This ensemble exudes tradition as the bridal kanjivaram silk sarees complement the age old temple-style jewelry. Flaunt your culture with pride with this combination. 

Bridal look in saree

This Cornell red saree would complement the heavy and bold aspects of temple jewelry to create a rich look that is awe-inspiring.

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2. Kundan Jewelry 

Wearing Kundan jewelry on your big day will make you appear like a true Rajasthani royal. This craft of Kundan was brought to India many years ago and was patronised by the Rajputs and Mughals. Hence, you will see paintings from this age where the royals don Kundan jewelry. The dignified grace of Kundan jewelry can be elevated by pairing it with a Banrasi Saree for your perfect bridal look in saree. Banarasi soft silk saree may also be worn to ensure comfort and breathability during the long ceremony. 

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Bridal look in saree

This Reddish Orange Banarasi Silk Saree from Deepam Silks would make the perfect backdrop for your Kundan jewelry. With its vibrant colours and elegant motifs, this saree aims to set the bride in a league of her own.

3. Polki Jewelry 

Heirloom worthy investment pieces, Polki jewelry is made from uncut and unpolished diamonds that are set in gold. This form of jewelry was again popularised by the Mughals and has found a way into almost every Bollywood diva’s wedding day. Indian brides often choose to set rubies along with the traditional diamonds owing to the significance of the colour red in Indian culture. These elegant sets would pair beautifully with Pure Mysore Silk sarees. The rustic look of the uncut diamonds would flatter the beautiful colours of a Mysore Silk saree. 

Bridal look in saree

This beautiful Medium blue pure Mysore silk saree with gold embroidery is sure to make your Polki set stand out. Order your pure Mysore silk sarees online today!

Jewelry plays a significant role on your big day by adding to your radiance and grandeur. Wedding bells chime everywhere as the auspicious time of Varamahalkshmi looms just around the corner. A festival celebrating the Goddess of wealth and abundance, this stands as a day that pays homage to material and non-material well-being. How better to honor the gifts the goddess has bestowed upon you than by relishing in their grandeur? Experience true divinity as you shop for Varamahalakshmi silk sarees at Deepam Silks.