Stay Cool and Chic: Sarees For Summer Wedding Events

Stay Cool and Chic: Sarees For Summer Wedding Events

When it comes to traditional Indian weddings, sarees are a timeless and elegant choice. While shopping for sarees for summer wedding occasions, brides must keep in mind that it is possible to remain comfortable while still looking breathtaking on their special day. Be it a traditional south Indian cotton silk saree or a Banarasi soft silk saree, the options available are limitless. If styled properly, a summer bride can not only be the center of everyone’s attention but also enjoy her nuptials wholeheartedly without any worries.

Here are our top recommendations for every summer bride: 

Soft silk saree

Soft silk sarees are a testament to elegance, luxury, and timeless beauty. Maintenance-wise, soft silk sarees are relatively easy to care for compared to traditional silk sarees. They do not require special dry-cleaning and can be hand-washed or gently machine-washed at home. 

Among them, Banarasi soft sarees are the perfect choice when selecting sarees for summer wedding events as they are crafted from lightweight and breathable silk fabric. They allow air circulation and keep the body cool, making them ideal for summer weddings. The softness of the silk adds comfort, ensuring that the bride feels at ease throughout the festivities.

Banarasi soft silk sarees are also colorful and often have beautiful motifs all over them. When paired with minimal jewelry and light makeup, these sarees become the picture of elegance and opulence. Banarasi soft silk sarees have been tried and tested by several brides and you can buy your very own Banarasi silk saree online at Deepam Silks exquisite online collection.

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Here are customers’ top picks for soft silk sarees:    

Blue Pure Soft Silk Brocade Saree 

Sarees for summer wedding


The exquisite Blue Pure Soft Silk Brocade Saree, a mesmerizing blend of elegance and craftsmanship. Crafted with utmost precision, this saree boasts a luxurious blue hue and a soft silk texture. Adorned with intricate brocade patterns, it exudes timeless charm. Perfect for special occasions, this saree is a true masterpiece of style and grace.

Chilly Red Soft Silk Saree

Saree for summer wedding

Embrace the allure of our Chilly Red Soft Silk Saree. Crafted from luxurious soft silk, this saree exudes sophistication. The vibrant red hue adds a bold and passionate touch. With its smooth texture and intricate detailing, it's the perfect choice for those special occasions where you want to make a statement.

Cotton silk saree

Brides that want the grandeur of the heavy Kanjivaram saree without the heavy weight of a pure silk saree can opt for a Kanjivaram cotton silk saree. They are particularly well-suited for summer weddings, as the cotton component helps absorb sweat and keeps the bride cool, while the silk component adds a touch of grandeur.

This blend ensures that the bride remains comfortable without compromising on style. Handloom cotton silk saree is also a perfect fit for the environmentally and ethically conscious summer bride. 

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Deepam houses a variety of cotton silk sarees like: 

Black Cotton Silk Saree

Saree for summer wedding

Indulge in timeless elegance with this exquisite black cotton silk saree. The softness of cotton and the sheen of silk combine in a beautiful drape, perfect for making a statement at any occasion.

Green Art silk saree 

Saree for summer wedding

Elevate your style with this gorgeous green art silk saree. The vibrant hue, combined with the smoothness of art silk, creates a stunning drape that exudes elegance and sophistication.

For all your saree needs on your big day, look no further than Deepam Silks. With our wide range of designer sarees, we have something for everyone. Rest easy knowing that shopping for sarees for summer wedding season will be a piece of cake with Deepam Silks. 

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