Story Behind The Famous Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

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Silken soft in its appearance, and strikingly beautiful, no one can dismiss the eternal charm of traditional Kanjeevaram silk sarees. An Indian woman’s wardrobe and collection of silk sarees is almost incomplete without the inclusion of pure Kanjeevaram silk sarees. With the arrival of Ugadi, Kanjeevarams once again take center stage as spring denotes fresh beginnings in our lives. Signifying the beginning of the New Year, Ugadi is one of the most historic festivals in India and is also referred to by different names in India’s diverse culture across its varied states. On this note, we’ll have a quick look at a basic guide to understanding Kanjeevaram silks, and find out where to source authentic Kanjeevaram silk sarees.

Quick Guide to Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees


When it comes to wedding sarees, Kanjeevarams top the list. Also known as the Queen of Silks, Kanjeevaram sarees reflect the traditional beauty and skilled craftsmanship of Indian weavers. But, did you know where these beautiful silk sarees originated from? What makes the Kanjeevaram sarees most sought after particularly as wedding sarees? Let’s find out.

This gorgeous weave is named after the city of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, India. Kanchipuram is a tiny town that boasts of this gorgeous weave which has been mastered for over 400+ years. History reveals many versions of its origin in Hindu mythology. It is mentioned that the presence of two communities of weavers - mainly the Devangars and Saligars found their way to Kanchipuram and settled in this beautiful town. The temple figures inspired these artistic weavers to adorn the sarees with beautiful designs which soon turned popular amongst women.

Woven using heavy silk and gold zari, the largely intricate designs found on Kanjeevaram silks still dominate the market on every occasion. History mentions the British rulers changed the name to Canjeevaram which was later spelled ‘Kanjeevaram’. It’s interesting to note the weavers were also revered as the ‘Master Weavers of Gods’ hence the status of pure silk Kanjeevarams rose higher.

Silken Fabric

Kanjeevarams are made of pure silk fabric in a variety of hues and weaves. The use of pure mulberry silk is guaranteed particularly when you purchase from authentic sellers of Kanjeevaram silk sarees such as Deepam Silk. This pure silk is typically characterized by bold gold zari or silver zari borders that hold high value to the women who adorn these creations.

The zari thread is often sourced from Gujarat and weavers create works of art to mesmerize all saree lovers across the globe. Traditionally, these sarees are created from a single warp. It’s also interesting to note that the saree’s border joints are woven tightly and will never detach from the body of the saree, no matter what happens to the saree!

Original Kanjeevarams can weigh 2 Kg or more! And, in recent times, there is a surge in the use of synthetic yarn as it weighs less and is considered more cost-effective than the original Kanjeevaram sarees. However, nothing can beat the beauty of authentic Kanjeevaram silk sarees!

Types of Kanjeevaram Sarees

One of the most important identifications of the Kanjeevaram is the weaving of the silk and the weight of the fabric. If you are looking to delve deeper into understanding this category of silk sarees, here are the various types of beautiful Kanjeevarams.

Plain Kanjeevaram

These designs are devoid of patterns across the body but include a stunning gold border. The border steals the show by contrasting against the plain body.

Temple Weave

This type of silk saree includes the use of temple borders which appear in a triangular fashion. The temple design is noticed on the borders that add to the unique touch.

Floral weave

Florals take centerstage across the body of the saree. It can also include a paisley design.

Contemporary weave

These sarees include modern designs with experimentation of colors and motifs that break the traditional mold. These silk sarees are designed to match the latest trends which could range from abstract to free-flowing designs.

Traditional weave

These are primarily wedding sarees that include traditional motifs as the theme for the saree. You may find checkered designs, coins, and other motifs that represent the oldest traditions of this beautiful weave. Animal motifs such as elephants, a winged horse, a peacock’s eye, and two-headed birds also form a part of this traditional design.

Do note that there are 3 types of silks that you need to be aware of which are mainly:

  1. Pure Silk with Pure Zari
  2. Pure Silk with Half-fine Zari/Tested Zari
  3. Polyester and Silk mix with Pure Zari

To simplify it further, the zari can include variations mainly that which are pure zari, half-fine, fast zari, or imitation zari. This impacts the pricing of the saree as well.

How to go about shopping for Kanjeevaram Silks?

Owning a Kanjeevaram silk saree, particularly the wedding saree is more than an expensive purchase. This is an emotion that will tell your story for years to come. The designs are passed on from generation to generation which is why this traditional silk saree needs to be as authentic as possible.

There are many ways to check the authenticity of Kanjeevaram silks. However, one of the easiest ways is to always purchase from reputable sources for your wardrobe. Besides, the Silk Mark Organization in India also offers certification and you can look for this mark or the logo on the silk saree. This is done to protect the authenticity and ensure buyers such as you are assured of genuine designs and fabrics.

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