Things To Take Care Of While Buying Or Wearing A Heavy Silk Saree

Things To Take Care Of While Buying Or Wearing A Heavy Silk Saree

Wearing a heavy silk saree is the perfect way to make a statement. Not only do these beautiful, traditional Indian garments look stunning, but they are also incredibly comfortable. But how do you go about buying and caring for one of these precious pieces of clothing? Read on for easy tips that will help you keep your heavy silk saree looking its best. 

Purchasing Your Saree 

The first step in owning a beautiful heavy silk saree is purchasing one. The best place to start is by researching the different types of fabrics available on the market. Deepam Silks can be your go-to store for heavy silk sarees. A pure Kanjivaram silk saree or pure Mysore silk sarees are perfect choices with their usually heavier fabric. Once you have found the right fabric, it's time to decide which type of weaves, colors, and patterns will work best for your lifestyle and wardrobe. Don't forget to consider the quality of the material as well; higher-quality fabrics are usually more expensive, but they will last much longer. Click here to check out our diverse collections. 

Wearing Your Saree 

Once you've purchased your saree, it's time to start wearing it! To get a perfect drape every time, always use safety pins to hold the fabric in place instead of stapling or stitching it directly onto your body. If possible, let a professional tailor measure you so that you can get an even better fit. When taking off your saree after wearing it all day, always fold it lengthwise instead of rolling it up — this helps preserve its shape and prevents wrinkles from forming in delicate areas like embroidery or beading. 

Caring For Your Saree 

Taking proper care of your heavy silk saree should be a high priority since these garments can easily become damaged if not handled with care. Always hand wash in cold water using mild detergents specifically made for silks and other delicate fabrics. Once washed, never wring out the fabric; instead lay it flat on a towel and gently pat until most of the water has been absorbed before leaving it to air dry naturally away from direct sunlight or any kind of heat source (such as radiators). Finally, store your sarees in acid-free tissue paper or muslin cloth inside an airtight box away from any moisture sources like bathrooms or closets near windows facing outside walls when possible.  

Heavy silk sarees are an investment that requires both thoughtful considerations when purchasing them as well as proper care once they're already owned. By following these tips on purchasing and caring for these beautiful garments, you'll ensure that they stay looking their best while allowing you to express yourself through style without sacrificing comfort! With careful selection and proper maintenance, there’s no reason why your heavy silk sarees won’t last many years with minimal effort required!

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