Wrap Yourself With The Saga Of Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

The legacy of Mysore Crepe silk sarees unfurls like a rich tapestry of history, intricately woven through centuries of tradition and heritage. Originating in the regal city of Mysore, this exquisite art dates back to the reign of the Maharajas, a time when the wealthy silk industry flourished under royal patronage. The roots of these printed Mysore silk sarees can be traced to the artistic vision of weavers who, with meticulous skill and dedication, pioneered the craft. 

Over generations, this artistry has been refined and passed down, embodying the essence of Indian culture and epitomizing the epitome of elegance in the realm of ethnic wear. With roots dating back to the reign of the Maharajas of Mysore, the art of crafting these sarees has been passed down through generations, preserving the authenticity and grandeur of the tradition. Here in this article, we will dive into the unique way of draping Mysore crepe silk sarees. 

Unique Ways To Drape The Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

Dhoti Drape Style 

The dhoti style has been popularised in the city of joy, Kolkata. The dhoti style is embraced by women who appreciate the fusion of tradition and modernity in their attire.

This style involves pleating the saree like a dhoti, a traditional men's garment, is wrapped. The pleats are created in the front and then tucked in securely, resembling the structure of a dhoti. 

Accessorizing the saree with a kamar bandh or waistband and a Punjabi juti will accentuate the style of the saree to another level. This black pure Mysore crepe silk saree will look divine if wrapped in a dhoti style. These types of printed pure silk sarees create a symbol of eternal beauty and glamour when combined with contemporary draping of dhoti style 

Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

Mumtaz Drape Style 

Mumtaz style, a timeless and classic way of draping a saree, takes its name from the iconic Bollywood actress Mumtaz, who popularized this distinctive style in the 1960s. This style involves neatly pleating the saree lengthwise and draping it in such a way that the pleats are tucked in the front, while the pallu, or loose end, is elegantly draped over the shoulder, showcasing the pleats in a neat and compact fashion. 

This Aqua Green Mysore Crepe Silk Saree will look magical on this celestial drape. The saree's luxurious fabric gracefully pleats, enhancing the silhouette, while the verdant hue evokes a sense of eternal charm against the canvas of this iconic draping. The pallu cascades like a verdant waterfall, bestowing an ethereal and regal aura to the wearer, truly a sight to behold.

Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

Butterfly Drape Style 

The Butterfly style of wrapping a saree is a fashion-forward and eye-catching draping technique that resembles the delicate wings of a butterfly. This style involves elegantly pleating the pallu to mimic the wings, which are then placed over the shoulders, creating a beautiful and symmetrical display. The pleats are neatly tucked at the waist, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit. 

The Navy Blue Pure Mysore Crepe Silk Saree when draped in the Butterfly style, unfurls elegance like the wings of a midnight butterfly enchanting with its deep hue and luxurious texture. This draping style enhances the saree's allure, imbuing it with a contemporary charm that enthralls and enchants the beholder.

Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

Infinity Drape Style 

This style involves draping the saree in a way that creates the illusion of an infinity loop, allowing the fabric to cascade elegantly in seamless, flowing layers. The pallu, instead of being neatly pleated, effortlessly encircles the body, resembling the symbol of infinity. With its innovative approach to tradition, this drape style breathes new life into age-old elegance, adapting seamlessly to a spectrum of occasions, be it the grandeur of formal events or the easy grace of casual gatherings. 

It beckons to those in pursuit of a chic, contemporary appearance, all while embracing the enduring allure of the timeless saree. The ethereal charm of a Light Blue Mysore Crepe Silk Saree finds its ideal match in the captivating Infinity drape style. The fluid loops and cascading fabric of this drape seamlessly blend with the gentle tones of the light blue silk, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. 

In a world that often leans towards modern fashion, the Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees remains a timeless treasure, reminding us of the beauty and allure of our rich cultural heritage. So, wrap yourself in the enchantment of Silk Sarees and celebrate the legacy of tradition and elegance. 

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