The Best Of The Best - Kanjivaram Bridal Silk Sarees

Kanjivaram Bridal Silk Sarees

When it comes to bridal silk sarees, many varieties from across India may top the list. However, the eternal charm of bridal Kanjivaram silk sarees makes it the most sought-after ensemble in the Indian woman’s wardrobe. Kanjivaram sarees for brides have been in much demand owing to many factors. Kanjivaram wedding sarees stand out for their sheer quality, style, elegance, and unmatched aura. If you are looking for the best bridal silk sarees, read on to know more.

3 Reasons Why Kanjivaram Silk Sarees Top the List

These are the epitome of elegance, particularly in the southern states of India as wedding silk sarees. The beauty of the saree lies in its authentic mulberry silk and exquisite craftsmanship that is hard to replicate. But, what makes the pure Kanjivaram silk saree a dominant factor in bridal wedding sarees? Let’s find out why brides love Kanjivarams.

Luxurious Fabric that denotes Grace

Kanjivarams are considered to up your fashion statement many notches higher. The gracefulness of the ensemble lies in the silken soft fabric that is made from Mulberry silkworms. Originally known as the Kanchipuram wedding saree, this garment was first created in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. 

The silk that is created by the silkworms is used to craft the thread of the saree. This is then dipped into a mixture of rice and water. Master weavers weave these threads to add strength after which they are further woven into the body of the saree with the support of a golden thread. The weight of the Kanjivarams can therefore be heavy. However, its elegance is unmatched lending it a timeless appeal. The zari thread in gold and silver is sourced from Gujarat. The fabric that exudes a sheen lends opulence, particularly as bridal wear.

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Elegance and Style

When it comes to bridal silk sarees, the Kanjivaram silk sarees also known as the Queen of all sarees epitomize grace. It’s no wonder that glamorous beauties from the Indian film industry such as Rekha and Vidya Balan are known to show preference towards the quintessential Kanjivarams. 

The entire body of the sarees is woven with exquisite designs that tell a story. These temple motifs by artistic weavers are often connected to history and mythology and have a deeper meaning in the Hindu religion. The Kanjivaram silk sarees are also offered to the Hindu Gods. When women adorn this type of wedding silk saree, it is often considered a blessing. 

The craftsmanship differs as per the type of the Kanjivarams such as the temple design, floral or paisley designs, contemporary, and more. The entire look is eye-catching making the wearer grab attention at any event. These are considered a regal addition to any woman’s wardrobe owing to the work on the Kanjivaram silk saree. Authentic Kanjivarams also include real gold and silver thread that is woven into the saree. These are therefore considered symbolic of the rich heritage and history of Indian culture. 

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Heirloom Stories 

We already delved into the craftsmanship, quality, and beautiful texture of the eternally gorgeous Kanjivaram silk sarees. However, it’s also interesting to note the Kanjivarams are often an heirloom piece being handed down from generation to generation. 

Therefore, the purchase of such a bridal silk saree is considered a long-term investment owing to the artistic value of this garment. This investment is reflected in the memories the Kanjivaram silk saree holds for generations to come! It’s no wonder the Kanjivarams are considered to be a classic to be adorned particularly in Indian Hindu weddings.  

Selecting the Appropriate Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

In today’s times, the shopper is spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of Kanjivaram silk sarees. You can choose from handloom weaves, and traditional designs, to the abstract versions available in the market. But, how do you select the most appropriate Kanjivaram for yourself? Let’s find out.


Always choose as per the occasion. If you’re looking for bridal silk sarees, select from Kanjivarams that reflect greater detail and craftsmanship. Choose from bold colors such as red or gold to make a strong statement. In recent times, pastel shades have dominated the bridal wear of celebrities. 

Body Type

While Kanjivaram silk sarees suit every body type, you can opt to be more selective to further amp up your look. If you have a slimmer frame, you can opt for larger motifs and bigger borders to add weight to your overall look. If you tend to be on the heavier side, choose from petite motifs and designs that are classy and elegant to balance the body frame. It’s all about how Kanjivaram compliments you and vice versa! So, just have fun shopping.

Pricing and Budget

Decide your budget beforehand and know how much you can stretch to find the best Kanjivaram silk saree. The more craftsmanship and quality, the higher the price will be. Remember, quality matters.


Is the saree a one-time wear? A long-term wedding silk saree purchase to be handed down from generation to generation? This will determine the type of design you need to pick. 


The market is flooded with fake Kanjivarams and it’s not an easy task to find authentic Kanjivaram silk sarees. Always look for authentic silk marks and select from reputed dealers only.

Where do I buy the best Kanjivarams for Bridal wear?

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